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Comprehensive Sewer Solutions

Professional Help for Sewer Problems

One of the worst issues a property owner can encounter is a sewer problem. Whether you suspect you need a sewer repair or are looking for maintenance or inspection services, Wood’s Plumbing is your local resource. To serve our customers better, we are located in Tucson.

Sewer Ejection Products and Services

  • Ejector pumps
    • Grinder pumps – like a garbage disposal on steroids
    • Standard pumps – no grinder capability
  • Sump pumps – for pumping water only
  • Ejector pump systems

Ejector pumps can have one or two pumps. Dual pump systems cycle between the two pumps, keeping one of them as a reserve pump in case other stops functioning. Quite naturally, single pump systems come with just one pump.

All pumps have a check valve or one-way valve attached. This allows sewage to be pumped out of the holding tank, but when the pump stops operation, the check valve does not allow the residue in the line to drain back into the tank. The best type of check valve is a ball valve.

If any of the floats or check valves in a system goes bad, they can cause damage to, or even totally burn out, the pump. So, when you come across difficulties, please keep us in mind. We have a lot of experience in maintenance and repairs of ejector pump systems.

Types of Ejector Pumps

Grinder Pumps

A grinder pump will grind up almost anything to a liquid, and then pump it out of the holding tank. Grinder pumps are more expensive than standard ejector pumps, but they are a much better option and very efficient.

Standard Pumps

A standard ejector pump does not have a grinder capability. Without the grinder action, just about anything can plug the impellers on the pump. These are less expensive than grinder pumps, but tend to have more problems and require more servicing.

Sump Pumps

A sump pumps should not be confused with sewer ejector pumps. Sump pumps are for pumping water only, and as everyone knows, not all sewage is liquid and this makes it a less popular option.

Sewer Inspections via Camera

Clogs can be a symptom of bigger problems with pipes. We have dependable electronic inspection equipment that allows us to see inside sewer piping, detect the problem and location, and come up with a plan to fix the problem.


Sewer Leak Indicators

  • Chronic backup of the sewer system
  • Musty odors from floors or walls near drains
  • Mildew near drains
  • Sewer odor
  • Unusually moist or wet areas in the yard
  • Exceptionally healthy plants (plants love the nutrients found in sewage)

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